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Reasons to be a teacher

There are a couple of reasons why I would like to be a teacher. First of all I would like to give back to the community. It does not matter the challenges I will face in the classroom, but I know that my job will have a positive impact on my students, their future and also their families. Another one is to experience an environment full of energy. It is not easy to be bored with a challenging job. My brain will be searching for creative means to solve every day problems that I have never faced before.

Another reason is to learn the subjects that I will teach. One learns a topic best when teaching. The students’ questions make you dig deeper and learn more. Another reason is that I would like to see students succeed. This is what makes teachers to continue. A student who does not understand a certain concept and learn it through you is always a great experience.

If I have children, the school schedule will allow me to have the day off same as my kids. Even if I bring some school work at home I will probably be getting home almost the same time as my children. This will be conducive to my family life. I would like to affect the future of my students. Teachers everywhere are role models. They mould students’ future every day in class as they will spend much time with them more than their parents will.

Job security is another reason. It is obvious that the world will always need teachers. It is not very difficult even as a brand new teacher provided you learn your trade and you will have a job that you can count on for many years to come. Fun and enjoy is another major reason why I would like to be a teacher. I believe I have a sense of humor and positive attitude. Sometimes students will come up with funny statements and you will find fun and enjoy.

What experiences have led you to want to teach in a high-need school in New York City?

When I was 16 I started tutoring elementary students in all subjects in East Flatbush in Brooklyn at "Tutoring Corner" this is a poor neighborhood and many residents are from the West Indies and they want better for their children. I worked two days a week when school was in session for a year and a half. This experience ignited the fire of extending a helping hand to the needy in the society.

What is the greatest challenge you expect to encounter as a teacher in a high need school in New York City?

To be a teacher any where in the world is very challenging. First of all I think the education system is very crowded. This will create some challenges as I will try to cover the syllabus in time and at the same time make sure that every student understands what I teach. Students come from different social-economic backgrounds. Trying to bridge this gap and treating them as equal will be a bit challenging.

High school students have a lot of things in their and are most of the times rebellious and difficult. There are some cases where students go to the extreme and beat or insult their teachers. The challenge would to get their attention and to get them be interested in their studies and achieve good grades. Another challenge is students with special needs like slow learners.

Too much responsibility is another challenge especially for new teachers. It is normally brought about by experienced teachers who do not want to help them learn the ropes. Eventually they overcome it by learning how to organize themselves.

Considering this challenge, could a teacher ensure high academic achievement for all students?

Yes, I believe a teacher can manage to ensure high academic achievement for all students. Sometimes you can fail to manage because if a student doesn’t want to learn and you try your best to guide him/her, there is little you do to help. First of all, time management is a key factor to success. If you can schedule your work well, and attend to it on time, you are to cover the syllabus in time.

To overcome the challenge of slow learners, you need to motivate them further. You can pay special attention to them. You can give them extra work but take care not to overload them. To overcome the problem of students with problem of attitude, you need to take time to guide and counsel them.

When I was tutoring students in East Flatbush in Brooklyn at "Tutoring Corner" I came across poor students from the West Indies. Their parents wanted better education for their children. I worked for two days a week when school was in session for a year and a half. It was very challenging as the children felt that they were poor and could not match with children from other families. I took time to convince them that education is for all. The poor and the rich are taught the same thing and they can become great achievers than their counter parts from other schools.