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College Editing Service

Once a college student has completed an essay, paper, case study, research project, or any other type of written assignment, there is always a sigh of relief.  Another major assignment has been completed, and that constitutes one more hurdle jumped on the way to that degree.  Completing the work, however, cannot be the end of the assignment, because the crucial task of reviewing and editing must be accomplished.  Editing an essay or paper is often the ignored step of a student’s work, because s/he simply relies on the spell and grammar check features of the utilized word processing program.  While these automated checks can certainly be helpful, they do not perform the other critical features of a true editing process.  Overall structure, fluency, language usage and style, etc. cannot be reviewed by an automated program.  These things, which will make the difference between a mediocre and superior grade, can only be accomplished by humans, and these humans should not be the original authors of the works.  Student authors are too close to the work and may not see glaring errors that others will find.

Free essay editing can sometimes be obtained through the use of trusted friends and relatives who have superior English skills.  If one is lucky enough to have such a friend or relative, then the editing process is easily accomplished.  If, however, friends and relatives are not qualified or if they lack the time to provide a careful review and edit, the student attempts the task him/herself and takes the risk of submitting a less-than-stellar product.  For this reason, many students in undergraduate and graduate programs seek essay editing online from professionals who are able to completing the editing process quickly and with substantial expertise.

Such a college editing service is EssayThinker.com.  For more than a dozen years, university level students have submitted their written works for editing by our professionals.  One of the facets of our organization that sets us apart from other college essay editing services is the fact that we match our editors to academic disciplines in which they have had formal training themselves.  If an order is placed for editing a Master’s thesis on geology, for example, the work will be accomplished by an expert who has an academic background in geology as well. 

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Essay Editing Service at EssayThinker.com is Two-Pronged

A thorough editing of any academic writing, whether it is a basic essay or a doctoral dissertation, involves two crucial phases, as follows:


A piece of writing, to be effective, must reflect sound organization, coherency, fluency, and a focus on the thesis or hypothesis addressed.  A professional editor, with an academic background in the topic field, can review the work holistically and make revision suggestions that will positively impact the entire flow of the work.  Errors in structure, sequence, and organization of information/data/arguments can be detected and corrected.


These are the details of academic writing that may not impact the overall content but will, nonetheless, make a strong statement that the author is not committed to preparing an exceptional product. 
Errors in sentence structure may include run-ons fragments, misplaced modifiers, noun/pronoun-antecedent agreement, etc. indicate sloppiness; lack of variety in types of sentences indicates laziness, when in fact such variety can make the writing more interesting and compelling to the reader.  Punctuation errors also reflect laziness and professors are irritated by them.  Formatting is an important aspect of any writing project.  Individual professors and/or institutions have required format styles, and failure to follow these specifications will automatically result in a lowered grade.  At the graduate level, moreover, such oversight is unforgiveable.

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Using and Essay Editing Service is a Smart move

You want both expertise and objectivity on the part of an editor.  Relying on a roommate or even a family member may not, then, be your best option.  Even if they are fully proficient in grammar and mechanics, are they fully expert in your topic area?  Chances are they are not.  When you use college essay editing services of EssayThinker.com, you will have both expertise and objectivity.

It is an easy process to submit your completed work for editing.  Simply place an order and upload your written piece, and we will immediately provide a pricing quote.  You may also contact us by phone, email or live chat to discuss your editing needs and receive a quote.  Once you have submitted the work and made payment, we will assign the most qualified academician to your project.  Your editor will maintain constant communication with your sending you revision suggestions as they are made, so that you may review and approve them.  The final edited work will reflect all of the changes that you have approved, and it will be perfectly written and formatted, ready to submit.  You need only download the final revision!  Our pricing guidelines are obviously based upon the complexity, length, and academic level of the document to be edited.   Rest assured, however, that we will accept any piece of academic writing, provide a full editing service, and return to you an exceptional work worthy of the best grade!

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