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Modern life is full of different bright events that attract the attention of people all over the world. People have always been interested in entertainment, festivals, and everything that is connected with them. It has always been one of the most attractive and central topics. There is a great number of articles depicting different bright festivals of the countries throughout the world. These articles provoke numerous discussions and various points of view. Due to the newspapers and magazines, people learn the latest news and information that help to be aware of the latest political, social, cultural and other news of their country and of the world in general. Present paper deals with the discussion and considering the Lobster festival and the article under discussion is Consider the Lobster, telling the readers about famous food Maine Lobster Festival.

The author brightly describes the massive, overpowering, and exceptionally well marketed Maine Lobster Festival that is conducted every late July in the state’s midcoast district, near the western part of Penobscot Bay, the nerve stem of Maine’s lobster business. Tourism and lobster are two main and important industries of the midcoast region (Wallance, 2004. p.1). This region is famous for its warm and calm weather that is why it was chosen as a main place for conduction such kind of festivals. Maine Lobster Festival represents not as much of an intersection of the businesses than a premeditated collision, pleasurable, beneficial, and loud. This is, probably, one of the most interesting and well-organized festivity. It gained its incomparable popularity due to various reasons. First of all, this is a real holiday of delicious cuisine and food, and, secondly, it is an opportunity to have a good and joyful time, spending it with good and friendly people. There are many lobster T-shirts, different lobster bubblehead dolls, helium balloon lobster pool toys, and lobster hats with big red claws that vibrate on springs (Wallance, 2004, p.2). These are the inevitable attributes of the festival, making it more attractive to visitors. To may mind, the author of the article has chosen his topic not by chance. Everybody dreams to visit such a bright festivity and the author shared his expressions with the readers.

Speaking about the composition of the article in general, it is presented in a good and right manner, attracting readers’ attention with the precise data and interesting information. This helps to create a feeling of attendance on the festival. To may mind, this article will be extremely motivating to those who are interested in cuisine and marine food, as the author of this article presents the readers with interesting receipts that the readers can use personally. There are many competitions conducted during the Maine Lobster Festival. Moreover, we got to know the general information about lobsters and their habitat. In addition, the article contains some information about connection of lobster consumption with human health. This is the strategy often used to attract the attention of the readers, as many of them read such articles to improve their knowledge about useful nourishment.

From my point of view, the article is written in a simple manner and its content is very catching. This is very important and the right way the author used. He positioned himself as a direct viewer of the festival, describing the events as if he was their participant. This is a very successful strategy of the author, as it helps to understand the article more completely and feel the atmosphere of the holiday. Moreover, the description of some culinary secrets mixed with the information about seafood usefulness makes this article more valuable to the readers.

Reading of the article, Consider the Lobster, gave me complete imagination of what it is like to a participant of such a bright festival and helped to express my own point of view concerning “Maine Lobster Festival”. The article helped to create a feeling of presence on this festival.