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The Conclusion Paragraph

Writing a conclusion is important for every student when they are dealing with their academic papers. It might not look very hard but in reality, it’s the conclusion paragraph which summarizes the whole essay. It summarizes the points that you have written in the body paragraphs and relate it to your thesis statement. With the academic help that you receive from our professional writers, EssayPanda.org is the website that will sort out your academic troubles. Our professional writers have dealt with many essays over the years. They know the obstacles and the fruits or rewards that you get from writing the essays. They have writing tips which they will share with you so that you can work on your papers excellently.

They include:

  • You can use your introductory paragraph as a guide because it contains your thesis statement. Your conclusion should mention each point that you have mentioned in your body paragraphs.
  • When writing a conclusion, you should leave your readers with something to think about. The paragraph should also drive them to learn more about the topic getting discussed.
  • It is vital to write the conclusion as a summary of the thesis statement. It provides your essay with a smooth close of your academic papers.

The Writing Challenges

In your mind you may still be struggling to figure out the meaning of a good conclusion. With EssayPanda.org our professional writers will provide you with samples which you can use for practice. The conclusion sentence of your essay should show the reader that the topic getting discussed has come to an end.  It should prove to the readers that you have accomplished your mission with the academic paper.  The sense of closure is also vital to readers. They don’t like to be left in a lot of suspense. When you are dealing with the structure of a good conclusion¸ there are some tips that you should have at your fingertips. They include:-

  • The conclusion represents the opposite side of the introduction paragraph.
  • The introduction paragraph starts the essay in a general manner, and the conclusion paragraph ends the essay in a specific manner.

Writing conclusions shouldn’t trouble your mind once you have understood the concepts. When you have writing troubles, remember that our professional writers from EssayPanda.org are ready to assist you.  They have written good conclusion sentences so many times over the years. They can write them in their sleep sometimes. When you are writing your conclusion, don’t just restate the thesis sentence. This would look redundant to your readers, and they might treat your paper in a shallow manner. You can rephrase your thesis in a fresh manner, so that it can prove that you have deeper understanding on the topic.

The Writing Suggestions

Writing a conclusion paragraph

isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Remember not to bring up new ideas in the paragraph because it is going to confuse your readers. The sentences that support your topic and the thesis statement should summarize what you have already mentioned in your essay’s body. When you have an idea that is brilliant and sticks out in your mind, you can place it in the essay as a body paragraph. Don’t place it in your final paragraph. This will not make for a good conclusion paragraph. You can decide to leave the point out completely, and use it when you are writing another essay in the future. Our professional writers understand that the last sentence is the last word that you have on the topic being discussed. It is the paragraph that demonstrates your ideas. It also propels to look at the subject in a new manner. Writing a good conclusion means that you end the paper in a positive note for the readers. They should be glad that they read your academic papers and essays. When you register with our website EssayPanda.org, you can gain access to our conclusion paragraph outline. It provides with strategies to writing effective conclusions. There are innumerable strategies that you can utilize to write your conclusion paragraphs.

They include:

  • You can ask yourselves some effective questions. You have to question the impact that your conclusion will have on your readers. You can ask “So what is the reader going to think or feel?” You can ponder the question and answer it effectively in the good conclusions that you write.
  • The themes of the introduction should always connect with the conclusion. Make sure that your conclusion sentences make references to your introductory paragraphs. You can do this using various keywords and images which you also referred to in the introduction.
  • Make sure that your summary covers the main points of the paper. Make sure that you don’t repeat things that you had already written in the paper.
  • Introductions and conclusions help you to pull the points in your papers together. The examples and evidence that you use in the papers should fit together. You can also use quotations relevant to the topic getting discussed to close the paper.
  • The conclusion should propose the course of action or solution that the readers should take for further study.

The Writing Don’ts

Our professional writers have provided you with the good ways to start a conclusion paragraph for your essays. There are other strategies that might not necessarily work for your papers.

You should avoid:

  • Starting with an overused phrase for your academic papers. They might work in various speeches, but in reality they can sound quite bland and boring to the readers. They include “in conclusion”. “In closing”, “as shown in the essay” and others.
  • With our conclusion format you can learn not to state your thesis for the first time, and to avoid introducing new ideas into your conclusion paragraph.
  • You should also avoid making emotional appeals that appear out of character with the rest of the paper.
  • When you write a conclusion, make sure that you introduce various evidence e.g. statistical figures within the body of your papers. You should avoid ineffective conclusions that sound like you don’t have anything to say.

Our professional writers understand that the introduction and conclusion

paragraphs cannot be out of character with the rest of the paper. The paragraph needs to have transition sentences that you can use to let the reader know that you are about to come to the end. Avoid creating confusion for the readers with new information. Conclusion paragraph transition words help to rephrase the thesis statement and the topic sentence within the paragraph. They include “In brief”, “in closing”, “Thus” and others. A good way to start a conclusion is to make sure that it stresses the importance of your thesis statement. It should also provide your paper with a sense of completeness. Dealing with the conclusions is the difficult part of your essay. Many writers usually feel that they have nothing left to write, but they should remember that it’s what a reader will have a last thought.

Writing Strategies

Writing conclusion paragraphs should create a new meaning to the reader. You can use the ideas that you have to create a new picture. They should sum up your whole paper. The readers should feel like there is something to think about from the paper. They should think of ways in which they can apply the facts that they have read in the real world. Writing introductions and conclusions means that they should echo each other. The reader should understand the topic clearly from the beginning to the end. This helps them to come up with their own conclusions and have a new understanding for the topic. Good conclusion paragraphs challenges the readers which helps them to redirect the information from the paper, and they apply them to their own lives. The paper should also look to the future. It creates a different thought process in the reader’s mind. They tend to see things in a global way.

At EssayPanda.org, we understand that writing conclusion paragraphs involves posing questions to your readers. This makes them gain a new perspective for the topic that is getting discussed. It usually brings your main ideas together so that a new meaning can be created.  The last thing that you want is to have your readers’ minds wondering off to other subject matters separate from the topic that you are writing about.  You should give your papers to one of your peers, and people that you trust to re-read the essay before you hand it in for grading. This will help you to avoid ruining the good points that you hoped to pass across to your readers.  A good conclusion sentence should leave your readers with a sense that they are in the company of someone who knows what they are writing about. Don’t cram up your points in the final paragraph of your papers. The papers will look like you have rushed through your paper. The readers will notice it, and become bored with your papers. EssayPanda.org writers have listed some suggestions which you can use to write your papers. They include:-

  • Writing a summary of the essay’s main points.
  • You can use quotations and thoughts so that you can provoke emotion in your readers.
  • Your papers should create vivid images to your writers.
  • It should also call for some action to be taken, and also end with a warning.
  • It should also provide comparisons with other situations.
  • It should also provide the readers with results and consequences.