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I love cinema and there is a special, but not explicit feeling, associated with the tradition to go the movie. I like to feel involved in the process, the process that is shared among various people, with different and unique stories; all of them come to the cinema, however, with the same expectation. I am, probably, giving excessive emotional attention to this adventure – going to the movie. Why would one give it so much thought?

There are can be many reasons that make us think of one or another event as something special in our lives and for our emotional satisfaction. We do not realize how these happenings affect us unless we change the environment. For me it was a movie and the fact that I was going there together with my daughter. It is impressive, how the presence of the person, who we love and desire to see close to us builds on our pleasures and makes our day better. I always, without exceptions went to the cinema together with my daughter and this time, for the first time since such a long time, I went there alone. It was a strange feeling of loneliness and exclusion. All the people around me were with their children, friends or family and it was extremely uncomfortable to be there by myself. I decided to challenge myself and stay there, watch the movie and try to be outside of my comfort zone. We all start to adapt to the situation and very soon I finally managed to focus on the movie and to some extent, even enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, traditions, habits and our own expectations are more difficult to change and I still prefer and will always associate the visit to the cinema with my daughter and our time together. I believe that simple things and simple events in our life build our stories and our moments that we will always bring through our life to the future and when you have someone close and dear close to you when you feel happy that is what you should be fighting for at all times. Cinema and movie are some of the most basic ways to entertain you. Our own story and feelings, however, can add so much more to this experience.