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My cause and effect case is quite remarkable to talk about as l am going to try and shed light on every tiny bit of the cause and the effect of various enormous decisions l have had to make as a Son, Man, Husband and father to be .They include; the decisions l have made to study part time for eight years in order for my wife to complete her career in Dental Hygiene. My decision to work extra hard to complete my Career as a Radiology Technician hoping for a subsequent good paying job that would result into me giving my family the best life I so wished for but never got a chance to experience as a child and while growing up.

Since my Parents were natives of Mexico and only can to American to find a better life for there children. That is my siblings and l, this therefore proved difficult for my parents to cope with “life on the fast lane” as the American folk usually refers to it. My parents tried every possible way to find employment .As a result of them not being fluent in English and possessing no skills, they thus only managed to get employed in casual low paying jobs. Because of their in ability to land a got paying job despite having a family to Feed, Cloth, Educate not forgetting taxes to pay .It resulted into them working for only our sustainability and  not save anything.

Due to my parents merger income my siblings and l were brought up in a very humble family that had to struggle and make sacrifices in order to make ends meet. This childhood experience has consequently impacted on my life a great deal to date.

Due to my Parents in ability to save since they had a merger income it resulted to my not going to college immediately after high school. Secondly after finishing high school I met this Beautiful Mexican Lady who not only became my best friend but also decided to marry me and become the future Mother to my Kids. Because my wife was pursuing a career in Dental Hygiene not mentioning that she came from a humble family back ground as l did this therefore called for my continued support in her education. Another factor is that l was not doing a very well paying job either as a result l  sacrificed most of my resources to guarantee her completion of her career course.

Since I put my family first at 36 am still going to school, Better still l have been going to school part time in pursuit of my career as a Radiology Technician for the past 8years.As a result of my sacrifice and commitment towards my wife’s completion of Her Career, God has Graced us with her completion of her course and therefore becoming employed.

Because my wife has been my companion and friend for so many years in addition to the sacrifices l made in seeing her through her education and the fact that we both come from humble families that devoured Geographical borders in ensuring that their families get a better life. The love of my life has consequently vowed to support me in every possible way into ensuring that I complete my course as A Radiology Technician.

Since I was raised and grew up in Fresno California a city in the United States of America backed with the fact that l have witnessed hardship with my own eyes. Despite of my parents endeavors to give us a good life and support us through out our lives something they still do to date. This has thus acted has a yard stick for my wife and l in ensuring that we work extra hard in ensuring that our children get and taste all the childhood things we always fantasized about.

In conclusion, having to grow up in Fresno under the care of not so well economically empowered immigrants and facing all the hardships of poverty to an extend of not joining college after high school, not because you failed but because your parents couldn’t afford it. This resulted into my  sacrificing for the sake of my wife’s education hoping that her and my completing of college and consequent getting of jobs would tantamount into us providing a livelihood to our children better that any of us ever experience but had rather just fantasized about.