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Cause and effect essays tend to be one of the most interesting writings at the academic level. Cause and effect as the name suggests are essays that bring out the reasons for a happening and its consequences to the people or the environment. One of the benefits from the cause and effect essay writing is that it encourages the mind to think and analyze the causative factors and effects of a certain issue or happening. This makes the student writing the essay to stay keen when choosing a topic that brings out the cause and effect in a crystal clear way.

Though a cause and effect essay writing may seem easy it demands a lot of concentration to the students. When writing the cause and effect essay all you need is to narrow down your mind to concentrate on why things happen and what are their results. You have to resolve these two angles on any given topic.​

When writing play around the two main factors the reasons why things happen and their end result. Choose topics that have relevance in the present context or issues that have changed the course of history in their own way.

Examples of cause and effect topics you should write on

  • Causes and effects of facial surgery
  • Explain why fast foods are not good for your health
  • Causes and effects of noise pollution
  • Causes of radiology chemicals in Chinese
  • Effects of growing up with a single parent
  • Explain the causes of the police force being the corrupt institute all over the world
  • Why  is it that few students read newspapers
  • Causes of high rate of crime in the suburban areas
  • Effects of detecting cancer at a late stage
  • Causes and effects of child misbehavior at school
  • Top 5 causes and effects of a peer group
  • Effects of boarding schools to young kids
  • Why Africans prefer to remain conservative about their tradition
  • Why many adults never want to be corrected
  • Effects of technology on the coming generation
  • The cause and effect of the most important event in the Kenyan history
  • Why many Canadians prefer imported cars
  • Why many adults are still fond of animated movies.
  • Why rugby players are heavy built
  • Causes and effects of wrestling to kids
  • The effects of moving to a new estate with your elderly parents
  • The effects of joining a cult at your new campus
  • The effect of living in a ghetto estate
  • The effects of stress on students in university
  • Why divorce cases are highly increasing
  • Why businesses are doing well in America
  • Why online shopping is becoming so popular
  • The effects of the steady increase in the cost of buying a house
  • Why students get expelled from University
  • Why chemistry in college is so difficult
  • Why some roomies can’t get along
  • Why older women tend to lie about their age
  • Causes and effect of junk food
  • Why many children at their teenage years  run away from home
  • The long-term effects of being single on a person
  • The effects of downloading music on the music industry
  • Why women are their own enemies
  • Causes and effects of electrical faults
  • Causes and effect of  a series of miscarriages
  • Causes and effects of sex addiction
  • 7 outstanding effects for the increasing population of women
  • Why women at an older age change their way of dressing


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