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Burberry Perfume and Company Sales Pitch

Hello, and good day to everyone, my name is XXX. I am here on behalf of the advertising company, Zia Ads. I am honored that such an established and well-known international company such as Smythe Brothers has given Zia Ads as well as me this opportunity to make a print ad for the product Burberry perfume for women.

Burberry Perfume has become such a well-known and respected brand that it has become a cultural influence on women around the world. Its fragrance tantalizes with a playful allure of fresh scents many women enjoy. Women love to shop, taking detours through clothing racks while gliding past the arrays of shoes in department’s stores. Spraying perfume samples on themselves and their friends is a famous past time for women before finally making a purchase. Women understand a fragrance is worth the pleasure it gives, which is why Burberry is a sought after brand for women. There are myriads of perfume manufactures in the world today and most men are unaware of the top brand names of women’s perfumes.

Each and every company strives to create a name for them selves, a name that will stand out, and that can speak for itself and is trusted by the consumer, in other words establish its creditability. Burberry has a product that does not leave room for question, what they expect is exactly what they get. When you see those beautiful strips on a perfume bottle, women know what brand it is. Ethos is something that Burberry has been working for since 1856 and now in the year 2010 we are proud to say that the creditability of this company is proven through out the products. This ad will have enough elegance to catch the attention of women and draw the eyes of men. Our goal here, with the different arrays of photographs is to match up each perfume with captivating Burberry models. Giving us the incentive that beautiful, bold and confident women are the women who wear Burberry Perfumes. These qualities portrayed by these models not only give women the motivation to want it, but also gives men the desire for their women to wear it. As you can clearly see, our slogan for this ad which we have chosen is, “Embrace It. Enjoy It. Wear It.” followed by “Simply Scrumptious.” This slogan has stylish and captivating letters that have more meaning than just a combination of letters being put together to make up a slogan. From the soft script font, to the bright and courageous color, it gives you that rambunctious emotion, referred to as pathos.

Men on the other hand are completely opposite when it comes to shopping. Most men don’t stroll through department stores. For men shopping is a dreaded experience, they prefer to get in and get out as quickly as possible. If a man knows the desires of his woman, then he will go to the ends of the earth to obtain it for her. It’s only logical that women’s desires, wants and needs are met by men. What if men believed that Burberry Perfume is what women want, what if men were introduced and educated on the Burberry Brand name unlike any other perfume has ever been marketed before, with not only women in mind but men as well. Men are responsible for almost half of perfume sales, so why not focus on both men and women buying Burberry Perfume “because that’s what women want.” This message is conveyed to men via the ad by the models air of confidence and sense of chemistry that is portrayed between men and woman who use Burberry Perfume. The established ethos of Burberry Perfume is yet again presented in the ad with the models wearing the trendiest attire and handbags, which cement the association of the Burberry brand with hi-fashion and makes it appealing to a broad range of consumers. Also the logos used in the ad gives a welcoming invitation to the consumer by the words “Embrace it,” and that embracing implies a person to “Enjoy it” thus mentally stimulating the consumer to desire to take the enjoyment with them by the words, “Wear it” followed by the reaffirming words “Simply Scrumptious.”

My company and I are convinced that the best reasons for guiding and directing your marketing resources and ad campaign in a direction that includes men, is that this would serve in your company’s best interest not only now, but also into the distant future. The foundation for this approach comes from the evidence that men of all ages are found to make up nearly half the perfume sales worldwide a fact that cannot be overlooked. The shopping trend for men is to buy what they think is best or to buy what they know or believe their women want. Having your advertising campaign focus on men buying Burberry Perfume “because that’s what women want” then men will buy it for that reason. Burberry is a great perfume company that has a great product that men all over the world need to know about.

Our company Zia Ads is unlike other advertising companies who just focus on the same old marketing plans of the past. Although we at Zia Ads learn from the market plans and campaigns of the past we try and approach each new product from a unique angle. Other advertisement companies will direct your marketing resources into the same field as all the other myriads of perfume brands and companies, focusing and targeting only women in your advertisement campaign. What will make Burberry for Women stand out is that we will focus on men, targeting them to purchase Burberry “because that’s what women want.”

It is truly an enigma that no other perfume brand or company has considered taking into account that men are purchasing almost as much as women of sales in the perfume industry, throughout the world. Targeting men specifically for this reason just makes sense, and would surely be beneficial in any advertisement effort. It would be an unorthodox advertising campaign that would get the attention of not only the fragrance industry but the mainstream media, which could possibly double the exposure to the Burberry Company without spending any more funds. This marketing approach could set Burberry into a unique position within the fragrance industry and will most likely raise awareness of the company and its products and it would be expected to see a spike in stock prices, with possibilities of a buyout.

My name is Andrea Estrada and on behalf of Zia Ads, I want to thank you again for this opportunity you have presented to our company. It is our greatest concern for the continued success of Smythe Brothers and we believe by targeting men in your advertising campaign will secure that success. Marketing, educating and instructing men to buy Burberry Perfume “because that’s what women want” is what’s best for Smythe Brothers and the Burberry Company and brand name.

As our ad states “Embrace It, Enjoy It, Wear It” this is what women want and they find Burberry “Simply Scrumptious.”