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Very often politics is anxious about the activities dealing with cooperation and conflict both, inside and between the societies of particular countries. Moreover, politics comprise each aspect of live, but in particular, it is concentrated in the state of modern nation. That is why political actions and adopted laws are not always relevant for all spheres of life and cannot fit every state, as each country has its own peculiarities. That is why many political reforms tendencies and movements depend upon certain factors, including national peculiarities, human and natural resources and, obviously, relationships with neighbor countries and nations. Political life of every country depends greatly upon the leaders and politicians who are in the head of the government. Their actions and campaigns predetermine the future of every country and its people. That is why, choosing the head of the government is very important step in life of every citizen, as this choice is the basis of a successful future.

American history witnessed a great number of outstanding political leaders, who made great contribution in the development of the country and influenced its relations with the other states and nations. Foe American nation president is far more than just a head f the state; he is a reliable support and embodiment of expectations of all population of the country. One of the most outstanding persons in history of America is Barack Obama (Lenkovsky 35). This politician has already gained popularity as perspective, clever and talented president, who devotes his life to politics.

At the moment, American the nation needs wise and patient leader, who has the ability to run the country correctly. This nation requires a president who will not deteriorate or show weak spot in times of crisis. Leaving part of the country suffering from lack of insurance, poverty, and looking for better future, can no longer be an alternative. Barack Obama has the qualities of a great leader as the president of the United States. Needless to say that this person is able to organize life in the country in a proper way. As every political person, he has his own team and working together, they are able to conduct the number of reforms forwarded to improve every sphere of life. Barack Obama is a democrat dedicated to improve the conditions of American people’s life (Mansfield 45).

The problem under discussion is the political strategy of Obama as the president. During the several years of his presidency, e demonstrated himself as a great politician, who is able to make correct decisions and run the country correctly. Despite of the fact that there were not many people convinced in his victory, he proved that one could achieve everything, making efforts and having a burning desire to win. The unlikely victory Of Obama in the 2008 US presidential election appeared to be the effect of comprehensive marketing attempt that set benchmarks in the marketing of persons. His marketing campaign was thoroughly planned and carried out with the clinical excellence. This campaign was the result of successful and careful work of one of the best campaign teams ever seen in the history of politics and America, in particular. The strategies planning of Obama team was far greater to that of its competitors and proved to be a crucial factor in his victory. He aimed the right market segments with the correct message. Moreover, he kept his message straightforward and reliable all the way through the campaign. This campaign was organized very correctly from the point of view of marketing and attracting attention, so it led to the positive results. Obama used quite many tools of online marketing in his campaign. It was the first time such tools were used in the history of American elections. His societal networking initiatives provided him with the biggest volunteer group. Generally speaking, the election campaign of Obama provides a model framework for analyzing the efficiency of strategic setting up, market segmentation and market targeting, branding and online marketing (Beuger para 4). The mixture of the above-mentioned strategies proved the efficiency of Obama’s campaign. To my mind, it is very instructive for other political leaders, as he tried to pay attention to every segment of the market, That is why his election campaign is rightfully regarded as one of the most effective and successful, giving him the absolute victory.

American senator marked with the most broadminded voting record to overcome the inheritor apparent in his own party and then hold off the much-vaunted Republican mechanism is a truthfully amazing achievement (Morse-Gaane 33). Much of it has to deal with Obama’s intuition for marketing and his personal charisma and speaking skills, his constantly positive and unperturbed manner and his convincing biography attracted attention and sympathy of his voters. The campaign conducted by Obama comprised many important marketing strategies that were necessary to guarantee him success and victory. It is necessary to admit there of them that, to my mind, were the most effective.

First, Obama managed to convert this empathy into touchable support. More citizens volunteered time and money to assist the campaign of Obama. It was for the first time in the history of American elections. Indeed, he attracted more supporters than the whole Democratic or Republican party all over the country. Due to such step, Obama received a huge support from the citizens of America. Secondly, his fundraising prowess was supported by his approval and usage of all communications media and Mass Media sources, particularly the Internet, to connect voters. Obama managed to pick up where Howard Dean left off. He controlled his website, the blogosphere, and user-generated content and different video games to connect not just sponsors and volunteers of the country but all citizens in general. From the creative campaign logo to the thirty-minute advertisement, Obama’s communications were professional without being efficient, attention -catching without even being in-your-face. It proves once again, that the professionals of all levels prepared this campaign. Finally, the third strategy of Obama’s campaign was the fact that he reached out to all people. He was able to target his message to each citizen and managed to build an alliance that keyed up young voters and registered a lot of previous non-voters. Such organization of campaign, with the usage of all sources of mass media and considerable funds prevented the elections from any misdemeanors and ensured every citizen of America to take part in the voting (Fenno 12). The emotional plea was used with considerable and exact policy details. The skill to mix emotional and functional advantages and the control to be steady in positioning and message delivery are central to all efficient branding campaigns. Ads dealing with special policy questions, even ads that criticized McCain, all kept on communicating the central themes.

Marketing campaign is very interesting, as it enables to demonstrate all personal skills and abilities of candidate. If I were the member of Obama’s election campaign for the elections 2012, I would use some new additional marketing ideas. First, I would make the emphasis on famous social nets, such as face book, as the popularity of them is growing day after day. For instance, it will be reasonable to place the ads and elements of elective campaign there. Secondly, organization of entertainment measures with the elements of agitation of certain candidate is also very helpful, as entertainment has always been the object of increased attention of the society. Thirdly, I think it will be useful to demonstrate the devotion to the ideas of the future president by means of participation in different programs, in the role of the master of ceremonies. It will help the candidate to be closer to people and show the ability to communicate spontaneously and show interest to any sphere of life. Fourthly, I would recommend becoming the sponsor of the filming. Movies and especially, qualitative and interesting films are always interesting to people and they are grateful to those who take part in the process of filming. From my point of view, it will become very useful demonstrate oneself in a positive light and contribute to the cinema in general. Finally, building of some establishments, such as kindergarten or school can become very successful step of the elective campaign. Thus, the candidate cannot only attract attention of the publicity by the cherish step, but create new working places in the country, where the level of unemployment is constantly increasing. These marketing strategies may be mixed with the branding ideas and improve the efficiency of the elective campaign.