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Articles are written for a wide variety of purposes today.  While some articles are produced for print publications, the vast majority are produced for web-based use.  Entrepreneurs with Internet businesses often have a need for regularly produced articles to submit to directories, in order to increase visibility and traffic, with an ultimate goal of search engine optimization; professionals, including educators, attorneys, etc. often maintain websites to provide valuable information to colleagues and the general public.  These websites include articles on a huge variety of topics in their professions. News sites rely on a constant flow of articles in order for readers to value their services; other professionals may have a need for articles for trade journals or in-house publications that are distributed to their peers; still others wish to contribute to free informational sites, such as Wikipedia, simply because they have a desire to inform others.  

When one is charged with writing articles and has not had experience with this particular genre of composition, the project can become a bit overwhelming.  Articles are generally not the type of writing one has produced as a student, and to create a good one, certain basics are required.

Article Topics

Articles generally have word limitations, and topics should be carefully selected according to the desired maximum length.  A 500-word article on Hemophilia, for example, cannot possibly provide a thorough picture of this disease.  The writer must narrow the focus to one aspect of this condition and/or provide a very brief overview with suggestions for additional informational sources.  An article for a professional journal, on the other hand, will be far more in depth, and word limitations are generally not in force.  Sometimes, the most important aspect of good article writing is in the selection of a topic that meets the length, breadth and depth requirements.

Effective Articles are Written to a Specific Audience

Journal articles will always have a clearly defined audience – those who subscribe to specific publications and/or who have an abiding interest in the subject(s) that form the basis for the journals.  Professional and trade publications fall into this category.  In-house publications of companies and organizations also have specific audiences, and the article topics and writing will be for that narrow group.

Often, however, articles are written for general consumption, and the writer must decide upon a specific sub-population for which s/he wishes to write. This is often true for Internet article directories, for example, where readers share common general interests. 

Language and Style in Article Writing

Both topic and purpose will determine these important factors.  An article topic on the growing trend of teen tattooing, for example, if written to point out the long-term effects of such body art, that audience is obviously an adolescent population.  Language and style will be informal, and vocabulary will be age-appropriate, usually including contemporary slang.  On the other hand, an article written for an adult professional population, on a particular medical issue, will demand a bit more formal language and style. Humorous articles for a general audience, on the other hand, will be quite informal in style and language.

Lengthy Articles Will Demand Organization

If the article topic is complex, there may be research and the generation of clear sub-topics.  Conducting research, synthesizing that research and then preparing an outline prior to writing the article will all be important steps and will ensure that your final piece is fluent and logical in its flow.

Rough Drafts and Revisions

Obviously, the longer and more complex a topic, the longer and more complex the article will be.  In these cases, the author should use the time-tested academic practice of writing a rough draft first and then reviewing it carefully for coherence, style, language and grammar.  Often, it helps to have another review it as well.  Several revisions may be required before the final product is ready for submission.

Consider an Article Writing Service

Whether you are a busy entrepreneur who needs articles for a strong web presence or a professional who must contribute to company-based publications, article writing may consume more time and expertise than you currently have.  In these cases, it is always advisable to contact and article writing service that has experts who do this for a living.  It is not a comment on you to have others complete important writing pieces – it simply means that you are intelligent enough to know when to delegate important work to others!

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