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It’s interesting as well as tough job to find some impressive argumentative research paper topics. It should not just be any topic that could get you enough of content to write about, but should be something you could personally feel confident about. The grades you receive from the argumentative essay depend upon the richness and depth of the content you finally write, which could not be ensured unless you enjoy the topic personally. Else, the dryness and monotone could be sensed and your essay won't do a great job in impressing the professor.

Now, when you understand how important it is to get a strongly appealing topic, we have put together some argumentative research paper topics for you to get some idea and frame your own topics. There would be a lot of argumentative research paper topics for college students available around on the internet as soon as you start searching, but ensure that you don't take them as they are written, otherwise your topic would come under the risk of plagiarism. You may take hint from the topics, or re-write them to bring a unique shape if you have an assignment pending at the last hour. For that very reason, we have given some easy yet interesting argumentative research paper topic ideas.

Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

Please remember that while picking the topic you need to be sure if you would be able to write a compelling argumentative point-of-view or not. Also, ensure that you would be able to collect some good amount of content from the external sources to support your argument with authentic evidences.


  • Do teenagers get more attracted towards sex-related misleading talks as compared to adults?
  • Is it good to let teenagers play video games for filling their time when the parents go out working?
  • Is homework really serving the designed purpose in making the best utilization of the teenagers' time?


  • Is there a need for the government laws to intervene in the cases of fatal diseases to make sure that enough and necessary medication doesn't go missing from hospitals?
  • Is there a decrease or increase in the cases of obesity in the last one decade? Where do we stand in terms of personal health-related awareness?

Teen Pregnancy

  • Are campaigns and laws in the last few years helpful in reducing teenagers' abortion cases?
  • There are better consultation locations available, than in the past, for helping young girls in dealing with the cases of teen pregnancy. Present your argument on this.

Has globalization done any good to increasing the number of adoptions of Non-American babies by the American couples?