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There are varieties of argument essays asked by the professors every now and then, and it becomes a task for the students to identify the minor differences between all of them. The purpose of writing such arguments is to check the ability of the student to evaluate things, study deeper and present an argument with strong evidences. But, be it an argument essay for college, or for research student, everyone requires an appealing and strongly promising topic. Here we have compiled some topics you would find interesting for writing your essay.

Argument Essay Topics

Here is the list of general topics for writing your argument essay in case nothing has been specified by your professor in general. These topics should serve the high-school students well.

  • Surrogacy needs to be made legal.
  • Women should not change their surnames even after getting married.
  • Attending schools should be made optional.
  • Pressure on the students due to peer-competition helps students develop themselves.
  • Advertising is done easier through social media websites.

Argument Essay Topics for College

The below list is specially for a higher level of college students, who need to write around good argument essay topics that evaluate and analyze every aspect of the subject with a better detail.

  • Politics should be kept separate from church and related practices.
  • Plastic surgery should only be availed by accident-victims.
  • Copying competitors’ strategy should be considered illegal.
  • Companies should hire entry-level fresh employees more than the lateral hires, as the new ones bring better energy in the company.
  • Sending direct sales-letters for marketing are the thing of gone days. They are automatically considered as junk.

Argument Research Essay Topics

For the research students, these topics would let them involve into research methodologies, find related data from various resources with sufficient content, and high probability to make great value-addition to the field of related literature.

  • The ancient artifacts are the treasure of parent country, and hence should be returned to the country of origin.
  • It's unfair to confiscate the cell-phones of any individual by police, without a proper warrant.
  • Social media websites are causing youngsters to think about what might be right or wrong about religion, leading to a high boom in people following atheism. This revolution is good for leading people to a positive and civilized change, as the world today doesn't need religion.
  • Electronic music has caused some constructive changes to human behavior similar to what was done by the classical music in the past.
  • Internet journalism and media isn't following the rules and principles meant for offline journalism, which should be imposed lawfully on the online journalism for a consistency in the field of information-sharing.

Definition Argument Essay Topics

Definition argument essay is an amalgamation of definition essay mixed with argumentative persuasiveness of thoughts. Initiating with defining the subject and taking it to a level that the readers get influenced by the subject is what is done in definition argument essay. This type of essay writing takes writers' nerves, and a lot of practice. Take a quick look at some topics that may help you start off:

  • State Laws against homosexual marriage.
  • The ethical code of conduct followed in the corporate and private job-sector.
  • The rules against putting state flags on National days.
  • Punishments for the cases of additions.