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Among the most interesting and captivating type of essay-writings is the film analysis essay. Writing the interesting analysis through personal viewpoint is what a film analysis essay means. If you aren't able to mark a demarcation between movie reviews you have seen around and the film analysis essay, the answer is that the movie review doesn’t reveal the complete story and only tells about the highlights of it, while on the contrary, a film analysis essay example goes beyond that. If you take a look at a film analysis essay sample, you go above simply writing the story and the general reviews.

While you write a film analysis essay, you watch the movie multiple times. This ensures that you have not missed any part of it unnoticed. This isn't ensured in the first go as in the first chance the viewers are ideally lost in enjoying the storyline and framing first level of characterization. Then, you figure out one-theme of the movie, and try to find out the link of the story to any of the historical or real-life event that inspired the movie. After doing that, introduce all the major players of the movie, including the makers and any other popular and significant crew. Reveal any interesting twists along with the psychology of the maker or the actor behind. Before you get into writing the film analysis essays, try to get familiarized with the common jargons used in the film-writing.

To help you get an idea about how to finally put the above steps in real shape, we have given a film analysis essay sample to help you understand how film analysis essays are written. Taking idea from the below mentioned lines you may write your essay at length.

Sample Film Analysis Essay for Pirates of the Caribbean

In the few initial scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean, men dominate the storyline. The scene looks a little messy and hyper due to using very quickly changing scenes and tensed music at the background. The vertical cliffs in the movie depict the nature of the human beings to struggle to survive, and consider survival as the foremost need. The scenery of these scenes looks very idyllic.

The contrast between pirates, environment and the music is highly synchronized. The cannibal is presented in a way to stand out. Also, the evil is depicted by the use of snakes. The brackish paint on the painting of the cannibal presents the close relationship between nature and the cannibals. The turbulent situation is shown by the use of diagonal lines. Skulls have been used around to show the religion of the cannibals. The movie is pictorially sound and has used highly aggressive yet dark shades in the clips to let the viewers get the feel of the life of pirates.